W80x-arduino support

发布于 2023-06-16 01:09:43

Hi all! We are from Russia. Unfortunately, we do not speak Chinese and have to communicate in English. So, we revived the w80x-arduino project. Pretty much all of the vanilla Arduino API features work, and we need some feedback. We understand that not all Arduino enthusiasts in China have access to the GitHub issue. And we do not have full access to China's information resources. We invite you to ask questions and make suggestions here at ask.winnermicro
see https://github.com/board707/w80x_arduino/tree/hal-v0.6.0

Upd 25.03.2024
An intermediate version of the new Arduino core based on W80X-SDK v1.00.10 is described here http://ask.winnermicro.com/article/187.html
You can experiment with it

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